Board of Directors

Y.B. Senator Datuk Wira Syed Ali bin Tan Sri Syed Abbas Alhabshee, a Malaysian, aged 45, was appointed to the Board of Tanjung Offshore Berhad (Tanjung) on 9 March 2005 as the Independent Non-Executive Chairman. He was awarded a Professional Diploma in Leadership and Management by the New Zealand Institute of Management in 2003. He ventured into business in the early 1980s and held directorships in several private and public corporations involved in a diverse range of businesses. He also holds directorships in IIUM Holdings Sdn Bhd and C.I. Holdings Berhad. He also holds Chairmanships in Composites Technology Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd and Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation, both companies which are controlled by the Ministry of Finance. He was also appointed as a member of Dewan Negara (Senate) of Malaysia on 21 April 2003 and his tenure of office has been renewed to April 2009. He is also the Chairman of Yayasan Pendidikan Cheras (YPC), Kuala Lumpur.

Y.B. Senator Datuk Wira Syed Ali also serves as the Chairman of the Nomination Committee and Remuneration Committee as well as a member of the Audit Committee of Tanjung.

Haji Omar bin Khalid, a Malaysian, aged 53, is the Managing Director of Tanjung and is one of the co-founders of Tanjung and its subsidiaries and associated companies (Tanjung Group).  He obtained a Diploma in Accountancy from Institut Teknologi Mara (now known as Universiti Teknologi Mara) and thereafter joined Arthur Young & Co. as an Auditor in 1975. Later on, he further obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance) from Eastern Michigan University, USA in 1984. After having spent the next six (6) years gaining audit and accounting experience, he moved on to Kompleks Kewangan (M) Berhad where he was a Finance Manager until 1990. Subsequently, he set up Tanjung Offshore Services Sdn Bhd (TOS) and began his successful venture into the Malaysian oil and gas support service industry. He acquired the skills and knowledge of the oil and gas industry through hands on experience as well as keeping abreast with the latest developments within the industry by maintaining a close rapport with the suppliers/principals as well as sound knowledge of the rules and regulations set by the authorities and PETRONAS.
Under his stewardship in the early 1990s, the Tanjung Group together with Odjfell Drilling & Consulting Co. secured drilling contracts for exploratory and development wells in East Malaysia. In mid 1990s, he was instrumental in assisting the Tanjung Group in procuring various exclusive agencies for a range of engineering equipment from principals worldwide and thereafter secured larger contracts from the oil and gas operators. Since then, the Tanjung Group has grown from a drilling company into an integrated service provider within the oil and gas industry, focusing in the provision of engineering equipment, offshore support vessel services, drilling and production platform services and maintenance services to the major oil and gas operators in Malaysia. Through his active and prudent leadership, the Tanjung Group has won numerous awards and accreditations from various oil and gas operators. He has been actively promoting the services of the Tanjung Group to the oil and gas operators as well as maintaining a close rapport with various suppliers/ principals both locally and overseas to further enhance the profile of the Tanjung Group. As the co-founder of the Tanjung Group, he successfully spearheaded the flotation of Tanjung on Bursa Securities on 27 May 2005.
Haji Omar bin Khalid is also a trustee member of the Yayasan Pendidikan Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

Haji Abdullah bin Hashim, a Malaysian, aged 53 was appointed as the Executive Director of Tanjung on 23 June 2005 and has been a shareholder of TOS since its inception. He holds a Bachelor in Accountancy from Universiti Teknologi Mara and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom. En. Abdullah is a qualified Chartered Accountant and is a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountant since 1995. En. Abdullah joined Arthur Young & Co. in 1977 and subsequently, he moved to Lembaga Tabung Haji, Yayasan Pelajaran Mara and Rakyat Corporation Sdn Bhd before joining Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia in 1993.
He is one of the co-founders of TOS and has been actively contributing to the business strategies and directions of the Tanjung Group. This is especially so in the area of financial management gained through his vast experience in the financial field. He has been advising on various financial issues pertaining to the daily operations of the Tanjung Group such as budgeting, costing, tax planning and various financing facilities available for the oil and gas industry in Malaysia.

Haji Hamidon bin Md Khayon, a Malaysian, aged 38, is the Executive Director and Head of Business Development of Tanjung and has been with the Tanjung Group since 1995. He sits on the Board of Directors of Tanjung Maintenance Services Sdn Bhd and Tanjung Petroconsult Sdn Bhd, both subsidiaries of Tanjung, to oversee the operations and business activities of these companies.
He started his career as a Drilling Fluid Engineer in 1993 with BW Promud Sdn Bhd, for area of operations predominantly in Malaysia. Later he joined Antah Baroid Sdn Bhd as a Drilling Fluids Specialist Sales and Services in 1994 for area operations within ASEAN. He joined TOS in April 1995 as a Project Sales Engineer to oversee marketing strategies and various projects and was subsequently promoted to lead the Business Development Division in 1997.
He has more than ten (10) years experience in oil and gas industry ranging from offshore drilling exploration works, project management development and marine services.
Haji Hamidon is a graduate from Colorado School of Mines, USA and holds a Bachelor Degree of Engineering in Petroleum Engineering. He is currently a member of Malaysia Oil and Gas Engineering Consultants.

Haji Ab Wahab bin Haji Ibrahim, a Malaysian, aged 56, is the Independent Non-Executive Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee of Tanjung. He was appointed to the Board of Directors of Tanjung on 9 March 2005. He is a Chartered Accountant and also a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants. He holds a Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Accounting from University Technology Mara and his experience spans over twenty-seven (27) years in the area of finance and accounting. He began his career in the Corporate Finance Division at PETRONAS in 1978 and later assumed the role of Finance Manager for Petronas Gas Berhad, a subsidiary of PETRONAS, of which he was also appointed as Joint Company Secretary and member of the Management Committee. Following the successful implementation of the listing of Petronas Gas Berhad, he was further reassigned as Head of the Finance and IT Division of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Technical Services Sdn Bhd (“OGP”), another subsidiary of PETRONAS in 1996, a position he held until March 2004. Beyond his duties, he is also active in politics as well as social and community services. Currently, he is the Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (“ADUN”) for Taman Medan, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Y.B. Haji Abdul Wahab is also an Independent-Non Executive Director on the board of Alam Maritim Resources Berhad and also serves as the Chairman of its audit committee.

Y.B. Haji Abdul Wahab also serves as the Chairman of the Audit Committee as well as a member of the Nomination Committee and Remuneration Committee of Tanjung.

Edwanee Cheah bin Abdullah, a Malaysian, aged 57, is the Independent Non Executive Director of Tanjung. He was appointed to the Board of Directors of Tanjung on 9 March 2005. He holds a Masters in Business and Administration (Technology) from Deakin University and is a Member of the Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia. His strong technical background is complemented by a wide and diverse business experience. He has over thirty (30) years of international experience in the energy sector and has served various business units of the Royal Dutch Shell Group in Europe, USA, Africa, Middle East and Asia and has a good standing on the international projects community. Through his exposure and knowledge in energy sector he is now a professional in managing large oil and gas development projects and has successfully delivered several projects of value over USD1 billion. His area of expertise is in strategic planning, commercial deal making, and in leading large groups of technical and commercial resources.

George William Warren Jr, an American, aged 38, was appointed as Independent Non-Executive Director of Tanjung on 28 August 2007. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting (Graduating with Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Honours) from the Louisiana State University. In 1993, after graduation, he joined Wegmann Dazet & Co., a professional corporation of certified public accountants in New Orleans, LA, USA, where he was both a Senior Auditor and a Forensic Auditor. In 1997, he was appointed as the Managing Director of BWB Controls, Inc., at Houma, LA, USA, a worldwide manufacturer of pneumatic, hydraulic and electric surface safety equipment engineered specifically for the oil and gas industry. In 2006, he became a Director/Investor in Mezco Fabrication, L.L.C., at Carencro, LA, USA, a manufacturer of precision sheet metal parts utilising laser cutting technology for the oil and gas industry, a position he held until present day.